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obligatory intro post... as requested, so I deliver ;) - Parents of The X [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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obligatory intro post... as requested, so I deliver ;) [Dec. 22nd, 2003|08:45 am]
[mood |angryangry]

Hello :)

I stumbled across this community looking for parenting groups for chronically ill moms and dads... I found one, but this looked neat, too!

I'm Allyson... 29 years old, in high school and college in the 90's, classic Gen-X and the mom of two girls in mid-upstate NY :)

My oldest girl is almost 9... her father's nearby, but rarely sees her. He's still stuck in the stere0-type of gen-x that we all have struggled so hard to get out of.

I was a single mom for six years when I married my love and sould mate... he's a cute computer geek who keeps me level ;)

During the day I'm a blue-jeans and tee-shirt mom... still have flannels for winter, though I prefer hippie clothes in the summer... and if I get a chance to go out at night? You guessed it, grunge-goth-skater ;)

my kids are wonderful, my older daughter has watched me transform from new mom to mainstream mom... so much so that a few years ago for halloween when I dressed up as the 'fairy goth mother' for my classes (I teach) and her grandfather dressed up in medieval garb before coming to get her, she asked why we weren't dressed up for halloween, lol! She's the perfect little barbie-doll and pink sparkle girl ;)

My two year old likes her flame shirt, though, MUWAH!

I still get a lot of gaff for my age and generation... it doesn't help that I look 18, not 29, so people get REALLY snotty about me having a 9 year old daughter... she was born when I was 20, still really young, but old enough to be somewhat respectable, lol!

I have the obligatory piecings (eyebrow, 9 earrings in left ear... tounge coming soon and more earrings/eyebrow rings if possible... and I'm itching to dye my hair green and purple again, but as a teacher I couldn't, and my temp job doesn't let me either... so if I'm not hired perm at the end of the season then the manic panic shall ensue!!! LOL!

Our big thoughts right now go out to my best friend, Ray, who is in the middle east as a US Army MP. His birthday is this month as well as Christmas, and we all miss him terribly!

So... that's it. That's me. As you've guessed, I've also got a chonic illness that won't kill me, but inhibits me with painful bits. There's more about me and my family in my user info and I am looking forward to meeting you all :)

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2013-02-16 07:10 pm (UTC)
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