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Parents of The X

The Gen X Parent's Guide

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Hello, and welcome to the Generation X Parents community!

Were you born between the years of 1961 and 1981? Do you have a child? Congratulations! Not only are you a parent (a truly wonderful thing in itself), but you are also a part of Generation X, possibly the most talked about, lionized, and vilified generation in history!

Being part of Gen X, just like being a parent, is not always the easiest thing. We've been told all our lives how weird we are, how screwed up we are, indifferent, slacker, apathetic, etc...we've been told this all before. We've been told how we'd be nightmare parents, and how our kids will undoubtedly be as bad as we supposedly are. And yet, we're also supposed to fix the current problems of the world.

Sound familiar?

If so, then you have a place here. This is a place for those of Gen X parents out there to meet and discuss all things Gen X and parenting. Remember...we are who we are, and not limited to our generation's description of how we are. We're not our parents...and this is definitely not your parent's community;)